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March Newsletter

Piecing it Together  The Always Giving Back Foundation is a place where Chicago minority youth can build their confidence. We provide social and emotional support throughout their college journey. We are a safe space for them to be themselves as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. There is nothing more powerful than seeing youth piece […]

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Harness Your Power!

Did you know that 14% of the world’s millllionaires are people of color?! That is exciting news. But while it is a wonderful stat many nonprofit organizations have failed to diversify their donor portfolio. Dr. Denitra Griffin the co-founder of the Always Giving Back Foundation will discuss this topic on Feburary 25, 2021 with Chronicle […]


February Newsletter: Black Heroes

Culturally, we often associate Black History Month to the trailblazers of the past who are no longer with us. But why can’t we acknowledge and honor those who are still among us? The Black heroes in our communities, families, and every day lives. It is one decision that can set the tone for the next […]


AGB Foundation Early Voting Transportation

This election is so important to our nation. The AGB Foundation wants your voice to be heard! We understand that not everyone has the ability to get to the polls, so on October 27, 2020 we will be providing just that. We will offer transportation to the polls so that residents of the 18th Ward […]

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Ideas & Inspiration to Prepare for 2021

  Now is a good time to prepare for next year. In this last quarter of 2020, we challenge you to do a self-introspection. Your inner thoughts affect your life and leadership. As you close out the year, identify how you can be a blessing instead of a burden to yourself and others. Locate where […]

Fresh Perspectives for a New Season & School Year

FALL INTO THIS NEW SEASON If you want to know how to start a business, this new season of Secure Podcast with the Griffins is for you. Season 3 is here with NEW CONTENT, at a NEW LOCATION, with NEW PERSPECTIVE on the world. During this time we typically have our CEO Panel. Though we […]



We’re proud to showcase our alumni from the AGB Foundation Business Internship program. These fine young people spent at least six weeks learning with us at AGB and are now pursuing their academic and entrepreneurial dreams. Congratulations to our business interns!