A Wealth of Knowledge in Seven Short Weeks: Our Summer Internship is a Wrap

Portrait of AGB Summer Business Internship participants in professional dress



Congratulations to our sixth cohort of Summer Business Interns! They spent seven weeks with us this summer, learning what it takes to run a successful business.

The highlight of this year’s program was a capstone presentation to the executive team at AGB Investigative Services. The interns became department experts and provided assessments with recommended improvements for the areas they worked in. This gifted group of young people was eager to learn about the skills and experience needed to operate the various departments. Working at AGB inspired several interns to explore entrepreneurship, thanks to the example set by John and Denitra Griffin, and all they have accomplished.

This year, we expanded the Summer Business Internship to 25 students and were able to offer them a weekly stipend, thanks to our targeted youth investment funding and a state grant that we were awarded. 

Our interns worked across every department in AGB. They spent time in Marketing, Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, and—for the first time—Fleet, where they saw the logistical side of AGB. The cohort came away with a wealth of experience! Students learned how to draft contracts, studied the science behind marketing research, and got a first-hand look at how the Foundation creates content and facilitates programs.

Your support allows us to continue providing a REAL (Real Experience Always Learning) opportunity to deserving young people of color. We couldn’t do it without you!

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“Providing internship opportunities . . . changes the whole equation.”   —Eduardo J. Padron, educator  


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