Our goal at the Always Giving Back Foundation is to provide access to life-changing opportunities for our youth and our community. As we fuel the dream to make room for generations to come, we wonder: how can we inspire others to help us in our mission? How can you inspire the minority community and show them the path to a better future?

Those before us have set the standard! They endured what others could not to make sure the rest of us have a seat at the table. They made room for you to live and work in a diverse community. Can you believe it has only been 54 years, since Jim Crow? Our world has advanced so much that many have forgotten what that time was like for people of color. However, we still have barriers to break, equality to fight for, and policies to change! That means you still have time to start your business, get the promotion, write a book, etc. to make room for generations to come. How are you investing in your own future?

The AGB Foundation

You already have what it takes to be great. We just want to fine tune your perspective as a young professional. Imagine going from retail to making history. Lauren Simmons  did it!

We want to equip you with the boost you need to be successful. Don’t allow your past, financial ability, or education block you from influencing the lives of others. There are things that you bring to this world that no one else can. It’s the very thing that you count out, people are counting on.  We challenge you to use the resources that you have to step towards your purpose with confidence.

Join the Always Giving Back Foundation at our 2019 Young Professional Panel. Seating is limited, and you want to be in the room. Register today at http://bit.ly/2ZQYuUn