Training Future Leaders & Awarding Scholarships—It’s What We Do

AGB Business Internship Updates

Over the past seven months, our AGB interns completed an extensive training course in Workforce Development led by Sara Martinez, AGB Program Manager for the Foundation. The goal was to prepare them for employment and to teach them about the different departments within a thriving business like AGB Investigative Services. We introduced them to the AGB Leadership Team, and the interns learned about their specific job duties. The following departments participated in this exercise: HR, IT, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Procurement.

In addition to this exposure, our crop of interns learned critical professional skills, including how to dress, respond to emails, and communicate with their colleagues. They were trained in resume writing and also learned interviewing skills, which they used in meetings with AGB departmental leaders. As a final highlight, we were pleased to provide 11 business suits for our female interns and nine suits for our male interns, courtesy of the Tom James Company.

Our interns completed all this training during Saturday workshops in preparation for the opportunity to work in house at AGB Innovative Security Solutions this summer. We will be announcing those summer placements very soon!


Expansion of Programs

We are excited to announce that the AGB Foundation was recently awarded  the NBC5 Project Innovation Grant for $40,000.  This award will be used to expand the scholarship program and provide holistic support to our scholars through mentorship, social and emotional support, and post-graduation employment.  The enhancements of the program include care packages to the Scholars during mid terms and finals, professional headshots, resumes, and professional clothing.

The program initially provided 1 year of support  to our scholars but with this new grant and expansion of services, we can provide 4 years of services and critical mentorship to guide them towards their academic achievements and post graduate goals.